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Vision Health


Our eye is an important organ, which is daily exposed among stresses and strains like computer-use, TV, short of sleep, alcohol and cigarettes.

That´s the eye-sight of those high stress factors, in the great age not decrease and senior moment eye affection to appear, are definite micronutrient high important. For a motionless metabolism for the eyes are nutrients as, vitamins, trace elements just as secondary plant neccesary, which the body cannot establish by itself. By a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits is the demand of that nutrients normaly assured. On the strength of senior moment affiction it comes to defiency symdrom of those nutrients, which especial come up at the macular degeneration.

With the stress factor of the eyes, it is leading to a dimerization of deleterious radical. Antioxidant account to improve the eye-health, therefor the trace elements zinc, copper, the vitamins A, C and E just as Caratinoides, lutein and zeaxanthin are involved. Also the omega 3-fatty acids of highly concentrated fishoil conduce as antioxidant. The retina is very sensitive adverse to oxidative damage.Omega 3-fatty acids protect the eye from oxidative damage and therefor ahead retinal damage. The centrum of the eye is compose of the macula and is the most important part of the retina. This is responsible for the visual acuity. It could be established, that on the macula, lutein in conjuction with zeaxanthin is enriched and protect the centrum of the eye befor UV radiation. In addition they function as antioxidant that protect the eye before the deleterious radical, which are compose of the UV radiation. Lutein and zeaxanthin are contained in spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. The amount of 2 – 6 mg lutein is recommended per day.

Analysis point at the evidence, that there exists a correlation betwenn the macular degeneration and the undersupply of lutein and zeaxanthin.

For provision of AMD guises it is advisable to recognition an importance in that and to subsist healthy. By the reason of bulked and high quantities of foods which are necessary to capture, there are preffered easier solutions. Therefor the balanced diet and nutraceutical products accept more popularity.

As a company with experience in this segment, we offered finished and mature formulations in the form of soft gel capsules. By yourindividual convenience we will accompany you as a matter of course at the design and realisation of your one´s own finished product.

Provitamin A, also known as beta-carotin, it is essential for the function of the four senses, vision, smell, taste and hearing . By deficiency syndrom is leading to night blindness. Later the callus obdurate more until absolute destruction.

Vitamine C and E protect the eye for damage cause of UV radiation.

With the aid of omega 3-fatty acids the body activate its own antioxidantmechnism.

Copper immun system, inflect ignition and it is essential for growth of the osteogenesis. Selenium is indirect involved in the metamorphoses of the free deleterious radical.

Zinc is a cofactor scores of enzyme-systems and becomes important in the metabolism of vitamin A, carbohydrate and lipid.

Lutein always accompanied with zeaxanthin, it is present in the centre of retina and protect the eye for UV radiation and free deleterious radical.